Recently I jailbroke my iPhone and installed several apps that have changed my iPhone 3G from an excellent phone to the perfect phone for my needs. I wanted to recount exactly how this happened. First, a little background. I frequently travel from Long Island to Washington DC to spend time at the Clearspring McLean office. […]

Secrecy Surrounding Genetically Engineered Grapes Field Tests Can Have Serious Repercussions

UC Davis and Cornell University have the approval for testing genetically engineered grapes in California. In this case no application or environmental assessments were undertaken for the permits and there were just notifications given by the institutes. As far as the field tests are concerned there seems to be a veil of secrecy surrounding them […]

America Rights

Where did we take a wrong turn? That’s what proud conservatives are asking. The era of liberal dominance is finally over, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it. Government spending is out of control, huge waves of illegal immigration threaten our security and our American identity, more and more Americans look to Washington for the “quick […]